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Name contains

The indicates that this WMI has been registered with NHTSA 565 process, includes the most current data available, and self-certified by the manufacturer as meeting the minimum safety requirements for importation, registration and use on U.S. for models and model years indicated by the manufacturer within the 565. Data associated to this WMI has been included within the dataset for vPIC for use by the public, which includes decoding and general specifications for standard equipment.

The ! indicates that this WMI may not currently be registered with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through 49 CFR 565 (proper VIN code accepted and posted) as on-road vehicles. Submittals provided to NHTSA are available via the search engine by searching Parts 565 / 566 in the previous screen to determine if there is a current approved submittal on file. For recently approved submittals allow for 4-8 business weeks for processing of 565 submittal. If after this period you believe the ! is still in error please contact NHTSA at for corrective steps.

WMI Manufacturer Address City State/
Postal Code Country Phone Vehicle Type Cancellation

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Name contains AND State contains

WMIs listed within this table have been officially registered through the 565 process with NHTSA for use and importation into the US for operation on US roads. Please contact the manufacturer directly for more information on WMIs not listed within this table.

WMI Manufacturer Name Doing Business As (DBA) Make Model Address Address 2 City State/Province Postal Code Country Product Type