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Welcome to vPIC

The NHTSA Product Information Catalog and Vehicle Listing (vPIC) is a consolidated platform that presents data collected within the manufacturer reported data from 49 CFR Parts 551 – 595 for use in a variety of modern tools. NHTSA’s vPIC platform is intended to serve as a centralized source for basic Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoding, Manufacturer Information Database (MID), Manufacturer Equipment Plant Identification and associated data.

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vPIC is intended for use on Model Years 1981 and forward. Vehicles prior to 1980’s VIN standard are not included in decoding capability for the system.
vPIC Patterns are based on Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) specifications received from the manufacturers following the 565 standard.

VIN positions
For any additional information and questions: Contact NHTSA Manufacturer Helpdesk at or 1-888-399-3277

Resource Links:

Manufacturer Portal : Online Web-based Submittal Center

  • Submit new or revised form for:
    • VIN Requirements (49 CFR Part 565)
    • Manufacturer Identification (49 CFR Part 566; Routine Identification Data)
    • Designation of U.S. Agent of Service of Process (49 CFR Part 551, Subpart D)
    • Brake Hose Manufacturer Identification (49 CFR Part 571.106)
    • Glazing Material Manufacturer Identification (49 CFR Part 571.205)
    • New Tire Manufacturer Identification (49 CFR Part 574)
    • Retread Tire Manufacturer Identification (49 CFR Part 574)
    • Adapted Vehicle Modifier (49 CFR Part 595)
    • Replica Motor Vehicles (49 CFR Part 586)
    • Replica Motor Vehicles - Annual report (49 CFR Part 586.12)
    • Temporary Import Exemption Application for VEHICLES (Box 7 on the HS-7 Form)
    • Temporary Import Exemption Application for EQUIPMENT (Box 7 on the HS-7 Form)
  • Check the status for already submitted requests.

Manufacturer Portal

MID : Manufacturer Information Database

  • View manufacturer information (Address, Products Manufactured, Makes, Models, etc.).
  • View or download documents submitted to NHTSA by Manufacturers as it relates to 49 CFR Part 566, 49 CFR Part 565 and 49 CFR Part 586.
  • Obtain World Manufacturer Identifiers (WMIs) assigned to a manufacturer by SAE and referenced in vPIC.
  • Access Equipment plant information and DOT codes for Tire, Brake Hose and Glazing equipment types.
  • List of Approved Replica Vehicle Manufacturers


VIN Decoder

  • Decode a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for regulated vehicle types.
  • Obtain manufacturer data describing the vehicle basic information.
  • Print or obtain an extract of data from vPIC on a vehicle and/or trailer VIN.

vPIC Decoder

Modifiers : Adapted Vehicle Modifier Identification Database

A vehicle modifiers is a business that modifies a motor vehicle to enable a person with disability to operate or ride as a passenger.

  • Search for a vehicle modifier registered with NHTSA.
  • Download a copy of all vehicle modifiers registered with NHTSA.


API : Application Programming Interface

  • 25+ APIs for use by developers, programmers or researchers interested in obtaining raw Vehicle or Manufacturer data from vPIC.
  • Supports multiple data output formats like XML, CSV and JSON.
  • Ability to batch decode a set of VINs.


Data within vPIC represents vehicles intended for sale or importation into the United States. Attempting to search on vehicles not intended for sale or importation into the US will result in a limited data result.