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VIN# Decoder for all SCG Models built under NHTSA Regulation 2445. SCG's Low Volume Manufacturer Application under 2445 was deemed approved on July 18, 2017

1-3 Our WMI code is 4S9

4 Type of Vehicle S passenger car  C Competition Car Not Road Legal

5 Manufacturer of vehicle C Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG)

6 Model of Vehicle G 003S, D 003CS, E 003C, F 004S, C 004CS, H 004C  Series of Vehicle C: CS, D: CS, E: C, F: S, G: S, H: C

7 Body Type of Vehicle  A 2DR  B 2DR Convertible

8 Engine Type  A 4.4L V8 700HP  B 6.2L V8 640HP  A GVWR Class B >1360KG to 1814KG  B Class B >1360KG to 1814KG  A Restraint as required by NHTSA Regulation 2445 Active only not Passive  B Restraint as required by NHTSA 24465 Active only not Passive

9 VIN Check as calculated on test SCG VIN Test # 4S9SCGAAXHS454001 

10 Model Year H 2017

11Plant of Manufacture Sleepy Hollow, NY

12-14 Our WMI Extension is 454

15-17 Sequential Serial Number

Manufacturer Information

Pursuant to 49 USC § 30164 and 49 CFR Part 551, Subpart D, the Foreign Manufacturer listed below hereby designates the following Agent on whom service of all administrative and judicial processes and notices may be made. This designation is for service of process only and for no other purpose. It shall remain in effect until it is withdrawn or another Agent is designated in accordance with the requirements of 49 USC § 30164 and 49 CFR Part 551, Subpart D.

The Manufacturer identified below hereby certifies:

Manufacturer Full Legal Name
Common Name
Previous Legal Name
Date of Last Legal Name Change
Doing Business As
Trade or Brand Names, Marks, Logos or Other Designations of Origin
Full Legal Name of Manufacturer's Authorized Representative
James M. Glickenhaus
Title of Manufacturer's Authorized Representative
Managing Director
Principal Name or Owner Name
James M. Glickenhaus
Principal Position
Managing Director
Manufacturer Address
8 Kendall Ave
Sleepy Hollow
City, State/Province PostalCode
Sleepy Hollow, New York 10591
United States (USA)
Manufacturer Contact Name
James M. Glickenhaus
Manufacturer Contact Position
Managing Director
Manufacturer Contact Business Phone
Manufacturer Contact Business Fax
Manufacturer Contact Business Email
Submitter's Name
James M. Glickenhaus
Submitter's Position
Managing Director
Submitter's Business Phone
Submitter's Business Email
Production Start Date
Production End Date
Parent Company Name
Other Details/Notes
Parent Company Name is not present in the list.

Manufacturer Types

Vehicle Types

Primary Vehicle Type GVWR From GVWR To
Passenger Car Class 1B: 3,001 - 4,000 lb (1,360 - 1,814 kg) Class 1B: 3,001 - 4,000 lb (1,360 - 1,814 kg)


No equipment type(s) selected.

Supporting Documents

File Name Document Type Title
logo.png Other SCG Logo
unnamed (2).png Logo SCG logo 2

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