Release Notes

Version 3.4 to be released on 4/17/2021

Version 3.2 released on 2/27/2021

Current Element NameNew Element Name
Gross Vehicle Weight RatingGross Vehicle Weight Rating From
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating up toGross Vehicle Weight Rating To
Gross Combination Weight RatingGross Combination Weight Rating From
Gross Combination Weight Rating up toGross Combination Weight Rating To
Wheel Base (inches)Wheel Base (inches) From
Wheel Base (inches) up toWheel Base (inches) To
Battery Energy (KWh)Battery Energy (KWh) From
Battery Energy (KWh) up toBattery Energy (KWh) To
Battery Voltage (Volts)Battery Voltage (Volts) From
Battery Voltage (Volts) up toBattery Voltage (Volts) To
Battery Current (Amps)Battery Current (Amps) From
Battery Current (Amps) up toBattery Current (Amps) To
Battery InfoOther Battery Info
Engine Brake (hp)Engine Brake (hp) From
Engine Brake (hp) up toEngine Brake (hp) To
SAE Automation LevelSAE Automation Level From
SAE Automation Level up toSAE Automation Level To
TPMSTire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Type

Version 3.0 released on 1/8/2021

Version 2.13 released on 7/25/2020

Version 2.12 released on 6/20/2020

Version 2.11 released on 6/13/2020

Version 2.9.1 released on 3/14/2020

Version 2.9 released on 12/21/2019

Version 2.8 released on 11/9/2019

Version 2.7.1 released on 7/17/2019