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*49 CFR Part 595.6, Modifier identification, requires that any motor vehicle repair business that modifies a motor vehicle to enable a person with a disability to operate, or ride as a passenger in, the motor vehicle and intends to avail itself of the exemptions provided in 49 CFR Part 595.7, Requirements for vehicle modifications to accommodate people with disabilities, shall furnish specific information to NHTSA. The purpose of this database is to provide a running and cumulative listing of all businesses that have sought identification as a vehicle modifier under the requirements of 49 CFR Part 595. NHTSA does not approve or endorse any of the modifiers who have furnished information under Part 595. The data provided is only as accurate as the information submitted by each modifier and is not verified or validated by NHTSA. Furthermore, the database is updated as new information is received but is not purged of those modifiers who may have over time changed names, addresses, or gone out of business. NHTSA does not assess the abilities of any of the listed modifiers to perform any requested or represented modification services.